We Design and Build Stall Design Worldwide

We fabricate everything using CNC Machining. First, data points of the final design are fed into the CNC computer from a CAM program. This determines and controls precise cutting movements to the exact specifications. A sophisticated feedback system constantly monitors and adjusts the cutter’s speed and position. Then our skilled artisans assemble the finished pieces to create the final structure.

Our modern designs utilize organic and geometric shapes that demand flexible materials. The wide variety of laminate products available are perfect to work with for shaping, cutting and finishing, from counter-tops to the floor. Angelz Exhibitions is also experienced using other materials, such as wood, tension fabric, aluminum systems and digital media solutions.

Ever-important graphics are also printed in-house using a state-of-the-art flatbed digital printer. Large-scale banners, panel imagery, brand messaging and more is done alongside all other production components.

A signature of Angelz Exhibitions design and fabrication is the use of LED lighting. Having implemented its application since its inception, we understand its benefits and limitations. We know how to install and use which LED fixtures, lamps or diffusers, and how to build the design in such a way that ensures the placement of each will create the desired effects and lighting accents.


Exhibiting at a show for the first time is both exciting and intimidating. There are numerous moving parts and important components that contribute to a successful experience. An immediate potential issue is that many new exhibitors don’t realize that when they buy or rent a booth, trade show services are not included in the cost. The structure alone is a significant expense by itself. Getting it to the event safely, unloading it and setting it up correctly are separate expenditures. Other necessities include installing lights, sound and video equipment, post-event clean-up, dismantling and so forth. Make sure to review our Trade Show Budget Guidelines to get a better idea of all the costs included in exhibiting.

Transportation and Storage


Enlisting our dedicated team to provide all the mission-critical, behind-the-scenes necessities ensures your display materials arrive at their destination safely and cost-effectively. From secure packaging to transportation management processes, we make sure everything is delivered on time, and in perfect condition.


After the event, Angelz Exhibitions provides clients with exhibit property management services for both temporary and long-term needs. Our NCR headquarters includes a warehouse facility with 50,000 square feet of space. We also offer additional fulfillment and storage facilities at many Angelz Exhibitions Associate locations in India. Our warehouse department relies on our proprietary database management system to efficiently coordinate more than 300 projects every year.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are custom trade show exhibits?

A custom trade show exhibit is a display booth designed and constructed from scratch. Conceived and built to include specifically desired elements and features, the structure is the sole property of the purchaser. It is stored when not in use, transported to and from events, and occasionally refurbished with updated graphics. The average owned custom exhibit lasts about 5 years.

Why should I choose a custom exhibit rather than a rental?

It isn’t an issue of one being better than the other, but more that each serves a different set of circumstances. Creating your own exhibit makes sense if trade shows are a significant component of your marketing strategy and your business will be exhibiting multiple times a year. If the shows you are attending are large, you want to make sure your booth attracts attention and has a better chance of standing out. Designing your own also ensures the display will meet all your needs, regardless of the event.

What are the benefits of designing and owning a custom trade show exhibit?

Because it is built specifically for your business, you have full control over how your brand image is presented.  Owning your own custom exhibit also means always knowing its dimensions, capabilities and limitations; there will never be unhappy surprises when you arrive at an event. Feeling comfortable and confident when attending a trade show results in being able to focus on why you are there to begin with: networking, education, and actually building your business.

Is designing a custom exhibit expensive?

The design and build of an original, permanent structure can be a significant cost. The average lifespan of a trade show booth is about 5 years, so the investment should be determined by evaluating how often it will be used and at what kinds of events. If shows are few and smaller in size, it might be smarter to opt for a rental instead.

How long does it take to build a custom trade show exhibit?

Of course it varies depending on the size, but the general average is about 8 weeks. We request 2 weeks to design and 6 weeks to build.



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